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Chocolate Chip Banana Cream Pie

March 31st, 2014
  Ingredients1/2 tube (16.5 oz.) refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough Directions     more »

Orange Cranberry Banana Smoothie

December 3rd, 2013
5 minutes of work and you can start your morning off right with a tasty fruit smoothie.  Plus, you can use up some of that leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. Yield: 2 servings Ingredients4 tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate2 banana… more »

Banana Split Bites

August 5th, 2013
  Ingredients2 yellow, firm bananasMilk chocolate, meltedRainbow-colored nonpereilsIce CreamWhipped creamMaraschino cherries, patted dry(You'll notice in my picture that my cherries weren't dry and it therefore was a pain to balance t… more »

Spiced Banana Muffins

June 20th, 2013
  Ingredients4 ripe bananas, mashed1/3 cup melted butter1 cup brown sugar1 egg1 tsp vanilla1 tbsp spiced rum1 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp nutmeg1/8 tsp ground cloves1/8 tsp salt1 tsp baking soda1 1/2 cups flour DirectionsIn a… more »

Banana Chiffon Cake

June 10th, 2013
If you're like me then you love banana bread.  Well, now you can have that delicious banana taste in cake form.  Yay! Yield: 12 servings Ingredients2 1/4 cups flour1 1/2 cups sugar1 tbsp baking powder1 tsp salt2 1/2 ripe bananas, mashed… more »

Peanut Butter Macadamia Nut Banana Bread

May 20th, 2013
  Yield: 3 loaves Ingredients2 1/2 cups sugar1/2 cup butter, softened1/2 cup peanut butter4 eggs6 bananas, mashed1 cup milk2 tsp vanilla5 cups flour2 tsp baking soda2 tsp salt1 cup coarsely chopped macadamia nuts Direction… more »

Puffy Chocolate Chip Pancake w/ Fresh Fruit

May 13th, 2013
  Yield: 1 large pancake (2 servings) IngredientsFruit2 bananas, sliced2 apples, chopped2 oranges, sectioned and cut into pieces2 kiwis, halved & slicedPancake2 tbsp butter2 eggs1/2 cup flour1/2 cup milk1/4 tsp sal… more »

Crackly Banana Bread

April 11th, 2013
  Yield: 2 loaves Ingredients Directions more »

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Pudding Pie

January 31st, 2013
  Ingredients1 1/4 cup chocolate graham cracker crumbs8 tbsp butter, melted2 medium bananas3/4 cup creamy peanut butter2 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped2 cups cold milk2 (3.4 oz. each) packages banana instant pudding mix1 cup whipped… more »

African Beef Curry

April 23rd, 2012
  Ingredients1 lb beef, cubed1 can (14.5 oz.) petite diced tomatoes1 onion, chopped1 green pepper, chopped1 yellow pepper, chopped1 red pepper, chopped1 1/2 tbsp curry powder1/2 tsp saltPeanuts (to taste)Cooked riceBanana, slice… more »