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Strawberry BBQ Sauce

August 25th, 2014
You might not expect strawberries to be an ingredient in BBQ sauce, but give it a try and you'll discover that the sweetness complements the spicy sauce quite well, especially on pork. Yield: 4 cups sauce more »

Jalapeno Popper Burgers

April 17th, 2014
The weather is finally nice enough to be outside grilling again.  So what are you gonna cook up?  Try these jalapeno popper burgers and enjoy the party inside your mouth. Yield: 6 burgers (1/3 lb. each) more »

Slow Cooker Pork Ribs

November 11th, 2013
These ribs slow cook for hours, resulting in a tender meat with great flavor.  It's easy to toss together in 15 minutes in the morning and then you can enjoy the aromas all day while it cooks! Yield: 6 servings more »


October 14th, 2013
It's an explosion of bacon and pork in your mouth.  And it's even better than it looks! This is hands-down the best thing I've ever cooked or eaten.  Simply put, having now cooked this I feel like I can die a happy man.  There's really nothing left to… more »

Broiled Pork Steak

June 13th, 2011
Pork steaks aren't a common cut of meat, but prepared correctly they can sure be tasty.  A slow cooking in the oven or the grill is the perfect way to prepare this meat. Yield: 4 servings. more »

Boneless Chicken Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce

March 31st, 2011
These are a great finger food.  It's a fair amount of work to get the oil going for deep frying, but it's guaranteed to be popular.  The sauce is really a good mix with just enough sweetness, but not too much. more »

BBQ Chicken Pizza

November 12th, 2010
I love pizza, and I love BBQ.  So I figure, why not combine the two? more »

BBQ Pizza

June 14th, 2010
Pizza is just one of those foods that you can't help but love.  I used leftover homemade BBQ sauce from cooking ribs. Tip: Cover the pan/stone with cornmeal.  It will help keep the crust from sticking and also give it a pizzashop texture. more »

Calgary Stampede Ribs

June 12th, 2010
I've made this ribs recipe multiple times and keep coming back to it.  It's got a homemade dry rub and BBQ sauce.  These are bound to be very popular, so I recommend making a double or triple batch.  The really nice thing is that you can bake them in… more »