Tag: "ganache"

Cookie Dough Brownies

October 27th, 2015
Whatever level of awesome you are expecting, you should turn it up another notch. Yield: 24 servings more »

Peanut Butter Cup Cake

February 23rd, 2015
Yield: 12 servings However awesome you think this cake is, it's more amazing than that.  The smooth creaminess of chocolate ganache with the peanut butter filling is fantastic. I used Hershey's chocolate because that's the flavor closest to PB cups, but… more »

Lemon Logs

July 16th, 2012
These have a strong lemon flavor and are simply delicious. Yield: About 140 pieces more »

Pomegranate Ganache Chocolates

May 7th, 2012
If you really love the bitter taste of dark chocolate then these confections are for you.  The rich, dark ganache in the center has a great texture and is well worth the effort. Yield: 72 pieces more »

Ginger Ganache Candy

April 12th, 2012
These candies have a mild taste that really hits during the after taste.  Give them a try and you won't be disappointed. Yield: 72 candies more »

Peanut Butter Brownies

January 2nd, 2012
These are a flavorful twist on traditional brownies, adding in a thick layer of peanut butter and making the chocolate a ganache over the top.  It's ok to fill up on dessert .  Sharing is optional. Yield: 48 brownies (depending on how you cut them) more »

Almond Cheesecake

April 14th, 2011
If you don't love this cheesecake then you may not be human.  It's the richest cheesecake I've ever baked. more »

Gâteau au Chocolat

January 24th, 2011
The icing on this chocolate cake has surprisingly little sugar.  The natural chocolate taste really shines through -- much different than the typical American chocolate taste. more »

Lemon Spearmint Ganache Candy

September 27th, 2010
These are some fantastic candies made with a lemon mint ganache center.  The spearmint was pretty strong, so if it's not your favorite flavor then you may want to consider cutting back to about 35 leaves. The centers were perfectly creamy.  Couldn't… more »